Zlatibor, the crown jewel of Serbia, is situated a little over 200 kilometers southwest of Belgrade. The concept of a basketball camp was conceived in 1972 on this particular mountain. In order to be ready to defend their Yugoslav title, Crvena Zvezda’s coach Bratislav Bata Đorđević and famous basketball enthusiast Mihailo Miki Pavićević came up with the plan for a camp where kids could practice and learn the sport while having a great time.

Our campsite has been a part of our camp’s history for many years. Surrounded by nature on one of Serbia’s most beautiful and prominent mountains, we teach the game to the next generation while also honoring the legacy of our region’s greatest basketball players.

Why Zlatibor?

Zlatibor is Serbia’s greatest serpentine massif, with Tornik as its highest point (1496 meters). Zlatibor is one of the most magnificent mountains in Serbia due to the many rivers, streams, and ravines that traverse it. The Illyrians were the first people to settle in the Zlatibor region; the Romans ruled the area at the turn of the common era; and Slavs began to settle in the area beginning in the 9th century. Stefan Nemanja annexed Zlatibor and the city of Užice to the newly founded Serbian state in 1180, transforming them into cultural centers steeped in history and tradition.

Incredible natural scenery may be found over every corner of Zlatibor. Zlatibor’s southern region is crossed by the mighty Uvac River, known for its deep bank and breathtaking gorges. Crni Rzav springs just below the northwest parts of Murtenica and winds its way across the plateau’s midsection. Sušica, a river that runs north, is so named because its water evaporates in the summer and vanishes into the limestone. Veliki Rzav defines the eastern border of the mountain. Zlatibor is home to a plethora of rivers as well as two man-made lakes. A larger one in Ribnica is located on the Crni Rzav River and is around 10 square kilometers in size.

Čajetina, the town and administrative center, is an integral aspect of the municipality, since it is home to one of the most prosperous communities in all of Serbia. Surrounded by the mountains of Gradina, Omanica, Čajetinsko brdo, Lađevac, Karaula, and Palisad, it is at an elevation of roughly 850 meters above sea level. Located on the northern slopes of Zlatibor, the town had a tumultuous history but eventually became a major diplomatic hub for Serbia and Montenegro in the 19th century.

You may find a wealth of local wit and tales in this picturesque town. The library, a keeper of both history and the future, is housed in one of the city’s oldest and most aesthetically pleasing structures, and its collection of more than 50,000 volumes is cause for great pride. Another crown jewel of Čajetina is its cultural and arts society “Zlatibor”.

The church of St. Archangel Gabriel, an Orthodox temple located in the heart of Čajetina, is notable for the variety of cultural and historical artifacts it houses.

The spirit of competition is not forgotten in Čajetina. There are several basketball and sports courts available to both recreational and professional athletes, as well as a premier sports hall that was restored and refurbished in 2019 and hosts the ABA league. Basketball clubs from all around the world, both professional and amateur, send their players here for pre-season training.

Čajetina is a wonderful complement to urban Zlatibor and, with its rich history, vibrant social scene, and abundance of recreational opportunities, it is a must-see for every traveler to this area of Serbia.





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