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The time I spent at Zlatibor served as a powerful tailwind. I knew even as a kid what it took to make it as a professional player. The hallmark of this camp is the pleasant community, but for me personally, it was the incredible progress I made in my own technique.

Aleksandar Đorđević

When I initially arrived at the camp, I was about the age of five or six. When they dragged me off to Zlatibor, I sobbed the whole way. Camp was as natural to me as brushing my teeth. I came to the camp instead of going to the beach with the other kids.

Marina Maljković

It was at Zlatibor, in the camp, at Miki Pavićević’s residence when Željko Obradović saw me for the first time. Željko was still actively playing for Partizan at the time, but it was already obvious that he was going to be a coach. Miki informed him that there was a group of kids that were free, and that he could coach them. I was one of those boys. It was fate.

Predrag Danilović




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